Habit Brand

A brand for All.
At HABIT, there are no stereotypes or favorites, no exclusion or discrimination.
We are a Streetwear brand created for everyone.
Here at HABIT, our goal is to create a brand where you can find your place; find your style and find your voice with each outfit handmade with attention to detail.
With our workers putting in effort to satisfy your style needs, we have created a brand that you would be happy to be part of.
Our HABIT FAMILY is our priority. Everyone who has contributed to the brand one way or the other has earned to right to say it is ‘their own brand’.
Here at HABIT, we have so many amazing styles to fit every person from every walk of life, with a size range that covers everyone; from Slim to Plus sized.
We offer the widest range of sizes in Africa.
Welcome to HABIT, a community run by you based on your demands and style.

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